ASIA 7 can be defined in many ways, such as Thai contemporary, fusion, jazz, pop and world music, but they breathe life into every genre they touch. The band has an Asian-ness at the heart of every song. There are eight members which consist of voice, saw (Thai fiddle), Isan folk instruments, saxophone, guitar, keyboard, bass and drum set.


The band originated with the persuasion of Tontrakul and friends from Mahidol University in 2013 with the determination to bring novelty to the music industry in Thailand. The main ingredients are Thai fiddles and Isan instruments with electronic embellishments and jazz arrangements. After longIn 2017, ASIA 7 was selected to perform at the ACC World Music Festival in Gwangju, South Korea, followed by two and a half years of touring throughout countries such as India, Norway, Philippines, Singapore

ASIA 7 gradually grew as a live band playing in restaurants, bars, events, and small concerts. They have been busy in the studio as well, releasing the singles “ไม่อาจหายไป (Still)” “ขวัญเจ้าเอย (Kwan Chao Aeuy)” “สั่งสาว (Sang Sao) live session” and “แขกเชิญเจ้า (Khak Chern Jao)” making the name of ASIA 7 to be known beyond the musician's circle.

infancy as an ad hoc band that occasionally performed, ASIA 7 officially debuted in 2016 at the Thailand International Jazz Conference.,Laosand Malaysia. This extensive touring has strengthened ASIA 7 to grow both in their work and their identity.

In the studio, the band began by focusing on singles—producing videos for (Kwan Jao Aeuy, Oh Dear, Love Is Still Beautiful) as well as video recordings of many live performances. May 2019, the first full-length album called "EIGHT" is released containing the singles: “สั่งสาว (Sang Sao)” “เซเลเมา (Selemao)” “Moon” “โอเด (Oh Dear)” “Mystery of Love” “แขกเชิญเจ้า (Khak Chern Jao)” “ขวัญเจ้าเอย (Kwan Jao Aeuy)” “Wings” “Hanabi City” “Love Is Still Beautiful” and “ไม่อาจหายไป (Still)” Their entire catalogue is split quite evenly between instrumental and vocal music.

ASIA 7 constantly collaborates with Thai and foreign artists. This can be challenging but the resulting work attests to the miracle of music that can break through the borders between languages and cultures. But can communicate well. By artists that have collaborated, such as Banyen Rakkaen (Thai / Morlam), Thanis Sriklindee (Thai / Flute), Rasmee Wayrana (Thai / Morlum), Haruka Kawahigashi (Japan / Shamisen - Nagauta, A Band Once (Brunei Darussalam / Pop-rock), Shadow and Light (India / Indian-jazz) and Nadir (Malaysia / Fusion-rock).



- 2019 -

Oslo Thai Festival | Oslo, Norway
World Youth Jazz Festival | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Namaste Thailand Festival | New Delhi, India

Delhi International Jazz Festival | New Delhi, Shillong, Guwahati, India

Feb Festival | Laos

Thailand International Jazz Conference | Thailand


- 2018 -

Singapore Writers Festival & One Voice: The Best of ASEAN Performing Arts | Singapore

Ulsan World Music Festival & Asia Pacific Music Meeting | Ulsan, Republic of Korea

Holmestrand Kulturfestival | Holmestrand, Norway

Oslo Thai Festival | Oslo, Norway

Namaste Thailand Festival | New Delhi, India

Udaipur World Music Festival | Udaipur, India


- 2017 -

ASEAN Music Festival | Manila, Philippines

ASEAN-India Music Festival | New Delhi, Jaipur, India

ACC World Music Festival | Gwangju, Republic of Korea

Hua Hin International Jazz Festival | Thailand

Wonderfruit Festival | Thailand

Thailand International Jazz Conference | Thailand


- 2016 -

Thailand International Jazz Conference | Thailand


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Bangkok, Thailand